1. General rules and regulations


These bylaws are approved by the developer and will apply to any new plot sold and are non negotiable

Any change to these bylaws needs to be approved thru vote according to the wishes of all owners that have purchase a property in our community

The changes to these bylaws will be made according to chapter 18 of this document

By accepting these bylaws each owner in our community agrees to respect them without any exceptions

Anny breach of these regulations can be addressed in the courts of the republic of Panama and with the local authorities by case.


2. About the plots


Each lot is segregated for a minimum of 1750 sqm out of the general plot (Burn Brae )

Each lot is segregated for a minimum of 600 sqm out of the general plot (Las Molas)

The lots will include the geography of the land up to the roads and other neighbouring lots

Easements on the lots are as it follows: 3 metres towards neighbouring lots, 3 metres towards roads and common areas

Lots are titled and segregated to the new owners name by the closing date of the contract

Up to the moment of closing the lots remain the property of the developer and Burn Brae Plantation including any improvements that the potential buyer has done to the lot.

In order for the lot to pass to the new owners name all payments need to be completed according to the payments plan agreed by each potential owner at the moment of signing the contract.


3. About Building regulations


Regarding materials and structures all codes approved by the republic of panama will be respected

All permits needed for a proper development will be obtained by each owner independently or by the development company that has sold the property.

Easements mentioned in point number 2 of this document will be respected to the letter and applies to locative development but also to non locative structures such as pools, terraces, parking spots, storage spaces or others

Height is limited to MF + 1 to a maximum of 7m total height.

Total square metres of the imprint that can be built on a lot can not overpass 25% of the lots surface area

Article E from point number 2 of these by laws cant be ignored at any point in the existence of the property, any future development can not over pass the initial permitted imprint

All builders on site must be approved by the company prior to initiating, we are trying to keep a clean working culture and ethics so companies with bad behaviour within our community will be forbidden to build here

All wood finished constructions need to be treated over all the exterior areas previous to sealing with 2 layers of high density pentadril solution

All constructions must adapt a water collection system of minimum 7500 litres

The overflow of water collections system must be drained properly towards the nearest drain on the road and in no way towards the neighbouring lots

All structure must be built with seismic beam adapted to the size and weight barrier of the building

All built locational units must have an insulative value of ???? regardless of the materials it is built with

Pools built within our community must be built based on a armend and fibered concrete footer adapted to the size and weight of the pool

Pools overflow must drain towards the nearest road drain and under no circumstance towards a neighbouring lot


4. About septics and grey waters


All septic systems must built in a 3 chambers manner with 2 chambers being bacteria treated

Independent of the materials that is is built the septics must respect the 3 chambers

Each septic must darin out of the third chamber into a leach field thru a french drain

French drain lines must be 10 ft in length per toilet presented in the construction

If the leach field is in a slope that is at an angle higher than 25 degrees the length of the french drain must be doubled

The leach field must stop respecting the easements mentioned in point number 2 of these bylaws

Grey waters coming out of kitchen, sinks and showers can be drained in a stone based septic system

Stone based septics must be 3 ft in length by 3 ft wide by 3 ft deep

Base of the stone based system must be rocks, gravel and charcoal

In the stone based septics it is prohibited to drain grey waters coming out of black waters septics

All airplugs needed for the septic system must stop at the highest point of the construction

All tubing used for the black waters must be minimum 4 inch in diameter and minimum calibre 40 in thickness

All tubing used for grey waters must be minimum 2 inch in diameter and minimum calibre 40 in thickness

Slopes for blak waters must be at a minimum of 5 mm per metre length

Slopes for the grey waters must be at a minimum of 1 mm per metre length

Missing a perk value based on the size of the drain field????


5. About the roads


The roads are divided into 2 categories: Main Roads and Secondary roads

Main roads are the roads that all owners have access to in order to move to their own property. These roads can be used by cars, trucks or other utility vehicles.

Secondary roads are roads that can be used by bicycles, golf cars or small utility vehicles and give access to specific areas inside the community.

All the roads maintenance enters unders the responsibility of ?????? and the budget comes out of the monthly CID fees

The main roads are 9 metres wide with 1.5 metres of public easement on each side

The secondary roads are 3 metres wide with a 1 metre of public easement on each side of the road

The roads are made of tosca and the correct inclinations towards easemend are respected for a proper drainage

Maintenance of the roads falls under the obligation of the CID

Roads will be maintained when needed in order to insure the security of our community



6. About the common areas


Common areas are areas that are available to use at any time by all members of our community such as parcs, green areas, gyms, bbq zones and playgrounds

All the common areas maintenance enters under the responsibility of ????? and the budget comes out of the monthly CID fees

The use of common areas should be done without disturbing in any way the members of the community

The use of the common areas is for the exclusive use of our community members and their guests, no outdoor people can access these areas

Docks regulation?????


7. Commercial use


All locative units developed in our community can have a commercial use based on the regulations mentioned in these bylaws

No unit can be rented for less than 3 months, short term rental is highly discouraged and not agreed within our community

No food and beverage operations are permitted within the community

No vehicle rental operation is permitted inside the community

No operation that creates damage to the environment in any way is permitted inside our community

No animal shelter or vet clinic is permitted inside our community

No cattle business is permitted within the community

No hostel business is allowed

No bar, club or discotheque is allowed


8. Private use


Private use of any locative unit can be delegated to other people based on assuming the responsibility of these bylaws

Not respecting these bylaws will be imputed to the owner of the property and not to the person or business using it


9. Noise regulations


The right to quiet of each and every member of our community must be respected

All loud construction equipments such as concrete mixers, excavator, chain saws, compactors and others can be used between 8 am and 2 pm Monday to Friday

If a concrete pour requires more time that the schedule mentioned in the above clause all members of our community must be announced 2 days previously to the pour

All pours thas must exceed the permitted schedule mentioned in above must be done Monday thru Friday, no long pours are allowed during weekends

Sundays it is forbidden to execute construction jobs that are loud and that can bother the quiet of our community

All cars within the community must respect the noise norms of the republic of Panama

While driving within our community loud vehicles such as ATV’s, Golf carts, motorcycles or other the drivers must drive at low RPMS so that the noise does not affect the tranquillity of our community address the exausths /mufflers


10. Road use


All the members of our community and their guests can use the roads of our community

Any guests behaviour on our roads is under the responsibility of the member that invited him

The speed limit inside our gates is 20km per hour

Delivery trucks must respect the rules of our community and the owners must inform them about the road use and the limits that must be respected

All delivery trucks are permitted inside our gated community Monday thru Saturday

Code isisue/ phone remote for the gate


11. Garbage regulations


All solid waste must be must be stored in an inclosed space located at the entrance on each lot

Garbage trucks are permitted inside our community every Monday and friday

For construction leftovers and throw away materials special trucks will be ordered by each owner at least once a week

It is highly recommended that during construction a construction bin is allocated by the owner in order to keep the materials rest in place and not have them spreading inside our community

Burning garbage, leafs or any other material it is strictly forbidden inside our community

All solid waste must be prepared in jumbo bags sold by the company, solid waste stored in other bags will not be collected in our weekley routes and must be handled by each owner on his own



12. Pets and animal regulations


The responsibility of the pets in our community belongs individually to each owner

The pets can be walked inside our community however the owner is responsible for gathering after his pet in plastic bags

Pets must be trained so they don’t interact or scare wildlife found on our property such as monkeys, iguanas, sloths and others


13. About authorities accessing the community


All authorities can access the community based on a legal reason

The community can not forbid access in the property of any authority of the Republic of Panama

All regulatory authorities in construction will have the access codes to our property and can inspect constructions at any given moment


14. About utilities


Each owners is responsible about installing their own utilities with the required institution on the Island

Each owner is responsible about paying the correspond bills for those utilities

Power meters will be installed for each property and the company has full access to read the meters on the property at any given moment

Permanent utilities regulation???


15. About security and gate access


Our gated community can be accessed by car by calling a automated gate keeper

To add your number to the gatekeeper system you must request it to the administration of the company

A walk in gate thru the gate will be built and this will be accessed thru a code that will be changed weekley

Security cameras are runned all thru the common areas of the property and will be controlled by the admin community

The gatekeeper set up and access is controlled by the company

For the car passage we will only register numbers of owners or renters of property within our community


16. About fire security


All plans must have the fire security seal of the cuerpo de Bomberos of the republic of Panama prior to initiating construction

Every locative unit must have 2 extinguishers fire rated ABC for minimum 30 pounds in weight

All gas tanks or other combustion materials must be stored according to the Panamanian rules and regulations in fire security

Fire department must have access to the water reserves of any property in case of fire

Fire insurance in recommended to our community members but not mandatory

Fire hazard materials such as fireworks, firecrackers, ammunition and other are strictly forbidden to be stored on any of the properties


17. Pest control


All common areas and roads will have a monthly mandatory fumigation in order to control the mosquito population in the area

Every property must have a deep fumigation of the outdoor areas every quarter

Inside fumigation of each property is left at the sole discretion of the owner

Every property must avoid keeping outdoor containers that can accumulate rain water

All pot holes on each property must be properly drained, water accumulation carries a high risk of Dengue mosquito infestation


18. By laws applications and adaptations


These bylaws are mandatory for any member of our community

Suggestions and comments to our rules and regulations are welcomed and encouraged

Adaptations or changes to these Bylaws will be presented at the beginning of each year to the community based on the suggestions made


19. CID rates, budget and sanctions


CID rates have denominators that establish them plot square metres and built square metres

CID budget is presented to the owners once per year in the first quarter

CID rates incorporates the following expenses: water bill, common power use, common areas gardening and maintenance, roads maintenance, gate maintenance, security cameras, fumigations and pest control, garbage for each property except construction leftovers

The CID rate per square metre of land for 2023 is 0.05 usd per square metre

The CID rate per square metre of building for 2023 is 0.1 usd per built square metre

The CID rate per land starts to be paid once the first down payment is done

The CID rate per building start to be paid from the month when the construction starts

The CID rates will be invoiced towards the owners by ???? on a monthly base

Delaying for more than 30 days the CID rate payment involves an applied interest of 15% monthly until the rates are up to date

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