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   1. General rules and regulations


  1. These statutes are approved by THE PROMISING SELLER and will apply to any new home sold and are non-negotiable.
  2. Any changes to these bylaws must be approved by approval in accordance with the wishes of all homeowners who have purchased property in our community.
  3. Changes to these bylaws will be made in accordance with chapter 18 of this document.
  4. By accepting these statutes, each owner of our community agrees to respect them without exceptions.
  5. Any breach of these rules may be reported to the courts of the Republic of Panama and to local authorities as the case may be.


2. About the lots


  1. Each lot is segregated by a minimum of approx. of 600 m2 of the mother farm at Las Molas and a minimum of 1,800 m2 at Burn Brae Plantation. Variations between 600m2 and 2000m2 are allowed depending on the geography of the lot, drainage, wet areas, access areas and others.
  2. The lots will include the geography of the land up to the access roads and other adjacent lots
  3. The easements over the lots are as follows: 3 meters towards neighboring lots, 3 meters towards roads and common areas.
  4. The lots are titled and segregated in the name of the new owners by the contract closing date.


3. About Building regulations


  1. Regarding materials and structures, all codes approved by the Republic of Panama will be respected
  2. All permits necessary for proper development will be obtained by each owner independently or by THE PROMISING SELLER who has sold the property.
  3. The easements mentioned in point number 2 of this document will be respected to the letter and apply to housing development but also to structures and common areas such as swimming pools, terraces, parking lots, warehouses or others.
  4. The height is limited to the first floor + 1 floor giving a maximum of 7m total height allowed
  5. The total square meters of the construction plans in a lot may not exceed 20% of the surface of the lot.
  6. Article E of point number 2 of these bylaws cannot be ignored at any time during the existence of the property, any future development cannot go beyond the initial permitted calculation
  7. All builders on site must be approved by COMMUNITY Before starting, we are trying to maintain a clean culture and work ethic so that companies with bad behavior within our community cannot build here.
  8. All wood finished construction must be treated on all exterior areas prior to sealing with 2 coats of solution.pentadril high density.
  9. All constructions must adapt a water collection system of at least 2000 liters.
  10. Overflow from the water collection system must be properly drained to the nearest drain on the road and in no way to neighboring lots.
  11. Every structure must be built with a seismic beam adapted to the size and weight of the building structure.
  12. All constructed location units must have an insulation value of R23 regardless of the materials with which they are constructed.
  13. Pools built within our community must be built based on structural beams with steel bars and fiber concrete adapted to the size and weight of the pool.
  14. Pool overflow must drain into the nearest street drain and under no circumstances into a neighboring lot.


4. About septics and grey waters – Treatment plants


  1. All houses will be provided with an August treatment plant.


5. The streets


  1. Roads are divided into 2 categories: Main Roads and Secondary Roads.
  2. The main roads are the roads that all owners have access to to get to their property. These roads can be used by cars, trucks or other utility vehicles.
  3. Secondary roads are paths that can be used by bicycles, golf carts or small utility vehicles and provide access to specific areas within the community.
  4. All road maintenance is the responsibility of Burn Brae Plantation and the budget comes from the monthly fees of the CID (Common Interest Association). At Las Molas, this would be provided by Bocas Homes.
  5. The main roads are 9 meters wide with 1.5 meters of public easement on each side.
  6. Secondary roads are 3 meters wide with 1 meter of public easement on each side of the road.
  7. The paths are rough and the correct inclinations towards the easement are respected for correct drainage.
  8. Roads will be maintained when necessary to ensure the safety of our community.
  9. All roads will be illuminated and the cost will be covered by the CID (Common Interest Association) fees.


6. Common areas


  1. Common areas are areas that are available for use at any time by all members of our community, such as parks, green areas, gyms, barbecue areas and playgrounds.
  2. All maintenance of common areas is the responsibility of Burn Brae Plantation and the budget comes from the monthly dues of the CID (Common Interest Association). At Las Molas, this service would be provided by Bocas Homes.
  3. The use of common areas must be done without disturbing the members of the community in any way.
  4. The use of common areas is for the exclusive use of members of our community and their guests, no outside person can access these areas.
  5. A regulation for the use of the docks is added to these laws once the area is completed.


7. Commercial and rental use


  1. All housing units developed in our community may have commercial use based on the standards mentioned in these bylaws.
  2. Short term rentals are allowed with a minimum stay of 3 nights.
  3. Food and beverage operations are not permitted within the community
  4. Vehicle rental operations are not permitted within the community.
  5. No operation that harms the environment in any way is permitted within our community.
  6. Animal shelters and veterinary clinics are not permitted within our community.
  7. Livestock businesses are not permitted within the community.
  8. The business of hostels or hotels is not allowed.
  9. Bar, club or disco activities or restaurants and canteens are not permitted.


8. Private use


  1. The private use of any housing unit may be delegated to other persons as long as they assume responsibility for these statutes.
  2. The private use of any housing unit may be delegated to other persons as long as they assume responsibility for these statutes.


9. Noise regulations


  1. The right to tranquility of each and every member of our community must be respected
  2. All noisy construction equipment, such asconcreters, excavators, chainsaws, compactors and others, can be used between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.
  3. If a concrete pour requires more time than the schedule mentioned in the clause above, all members of our community must be notified 2 days before the pour.
  4. All pours that must exceed the allowable hours listed above must be performed Monday through Friday, long pours are not permitted on weekends.
  5. On Sundays it is prohibited to carry out construction work that is noisy and that may disturb the tranquility of our community.
  6. All cars within the community must respect the noise regulations of the Republic of Panama.
  7. While driving noisy vehicles within our community, such as ATVs, golf carts, motorcycles or others, drivers should drive at low revs so that the noise does not aect the tranquility of our community.


10. Use of streets


  1. All members of our community and their guests may use the streets in our community.
  2. Any guest behavior on our streets is the responsibility of the member who invited them.
  3. The speed limit within our gates is 20 km per hour.
  4. Delivery trucks must respect the rules of our community and owners must inform them about road use and the limits they must respect.
  5. All delivery trucks are permitted within our gated community Monday through Saturday.


11. Garbage regulations


  1. All solid waste must be stored in a closed space located at the entrance of each lot.
  2. Garbage trucks are allowed within our community every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Regarding construction waste and waste materials, each owner or builder will arrange special trucks at least once a week.
  4. It is strongly recommended that during construction the owner or builder assigns a construction container to keep materials in place and prevent them from spreading within our community.
  5. Burning trash, leaves or any other material is strictly prohibited within our community.
  6. All solid waste must be prepared in jumbo bags so that the collection company can easily handle it.
  7. The cost of each garbage generated in the home is covered by CID (Common Interest Association) rates
  8. The cost of trash generated by construction must be managed by each owner or builder


12. Regulations on Pets and animals


  1. Responsibility for pets in our community belongs individually to each owner.
  2. Pets are allowed to walk within our community, however, the owner is responsible for collecting their pet’s waste in plastic bags.
  3. Pets must be trained so that they do not interact with or scare wildlife found on our property such as monkeys, iguanas, sloths and others.


13. Authorities who access the community


  1. All authorities can access the community based on a legal reason.
  2. The community cannot prohibit any authority of the Republic of Panama from accessing the property.
  3. All building regulatory authorities will have access codes to our property and may inspect buildings at any time.


14. About basic services


  1. Burn Brae Plantation provides power to each lot and will be charged quarterly based on meter reading.
  2. The connection and cost of water is the responsibility of each owner.
  3. The Internet connection must be managed individually by each owner.


15. Security and access


  1. Our gated community can be accessed by calling an intercom.
  2. To add your number to the gatekeeper system, you must request it from the administration ofBurn Brae Plantation.
  3. Security cameras run throughout all common areas of the property and will be monitored by Burnbrae Plantation.


16. Fire safety


  1. All plans must have the fire safety seal of the Fire Department of the Republic of Panama before starting construction.
  2. Each home must have 2 ABC rated fire extinguishers for a minimum of 30 pounds of weight.
  3. All gas tanks or other combustion materials must be stored in accordance with Panamanian fire safety rules and regulations.
  4. The fire department must have access to any property’s water reserves in the event of a fire
  5. Storing or throwing fire hazard materials, such as fireworks, firecrackers, ammunition and others, is strictly prohibited on any of the properties withinBurn Brae Plantation.


17. Pest control


  1. All common areas and roads will have mandatory monthly fumigation in order to control the mosquito population in the area.
  2. Each property must have a deep fumigation of exterior areas every quarter.
  3. Interior fumigation of each property is at the discretion of the owner.
  4. All properties should avoid keeping open containers outdoors that may accumulate rainwater.
  5. All gaps or holes in each property must be properly drained, the accumulation of water carries a high risk of dengue mosquito infestation.


18. Applications and adaptations of the statutes


  1. These bylaws are binding on any member of our community.
  2. Suggestions and comments to our rules and regulations are welcomed and encouraged.
  3. Adaptations or changes to these Statutes will be presented at the beginning of each year to the community based on the suggestions made.


19. Fees, budget and sanctions of the CID (Common Interest Association


  1. CID (Common Interest Association) rates have denominators that establish them by square meters of the
    lot and square meters of construction.
  2. The CID (Common Interest Association) budget is presented to the owners once a year in the first quarter.
  3. CID (Common Interest Association) rates incorporate the following expenses: common energy use, gardening and maintenance of common areas, street maintenance, access gate maintenance, security cameras, fumigations and pest control, garbage for each property, except construction remains.
  4. The CID (Common Interest Association) rate per square meter of land for 2023 is 0.05 cents usd per square meter monthly.
  5. The CID (Common Interest Association) rate per square meter of construction for 2023 is 0.1 cents usd per square meter built but not less than $50 (fifty dollars) monthly.
  6. The CID (Common Interest Association) fee for land begins to be paid once the initial payment is made.
  7. The CID (Common Interest Association) fee for building begins to be paid from the month in which construction begins.
  8. CID fees will be billed to owners perBurn Brae Plantation trimestralmente.
  9. Delaying the payment of the CID (Common Interest Association) rate for more than 30 days implies an applied interest of 15% monthly until the rates are up to date.
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